Once there was a love,


that will never come again.


Nothing is like before.


This is the new reality:


You have lost a dearly


beloved one to death.


Welcome to my private practice for therapeutically accompanied
post-death direct contacts with your dearly departed.


It doesn't have to be an eternity before we meet again.

I was invited by Marie Diamond to her Global Conscious Entrepreneurs Conference

in march 2023 and we talked about the work I'm doing now for over 30 years.

 Could these be also your questions of the heart?

  • I have lost a loved one and there is so much I want to say to him/her. Can I contact him/her directly together with you?
  • Is there such a thing as life after death and if so, how does it continue "afterwards" ?
  • We have lost a loved one to death. His cause of death is unclear. Can I use this method to shed light and find out how she/he died?
  • I have had an abortion. Can I say goodbye to my unborn child and possibly resolve feelings of guilt?
  • My deceased loved ones contact me, what do they want to tell me?
  • I have been involved in a tragic accident, the consequences of which continue to affect me to this day. What is my participation on the soul level? How can I cope with the event?

If you are looking for answers to these questions, please feel free to contact me.

I work in both German and English.


The method of HolyClearing

The method of HolyClearing offers an amazing techniques of healing.
They make forgiveness and understanding possible beyond death.
Unlike through a medium, I'll guide you to make a direct contact with your deceased loved ones. 


What happens now in this process?

In order to see one's loved ones again on the other side, an eternity no longer has to pass. Through a special process, any person can have these "visiting times in heaven" at any time. Give an answer to your longing and call me to arrange a meeting. After all the disturbances of the past three years, with the deaths that have become more and more frequent, the "Therapeutically Accompanied Direct Communication with the Deceased" that I have developed, the "HolyClearing" has become a more important wonderful opportunity to connect our loved onces  again in a conscious and planned way. Perhaps one of your deceased loved ones is already trying to contact you. You may be confused and need advice and help. That is where I am at your side.

If your longing knows no other thought than to meet your deceased loved ones once again, then, with the experience of "HolyClearing" it is possible today, then I am there for you. I' am on Your side. Feel free to call me.

Meeting your deceased loved ones again is such a fulfilling experience , so comforting and so gratifying and with my help effortless. You will never forget this encounter. You will experience that life is eternal and that life cannot be separated from life.


What seemed unthinkable in the past is possible today.
The veil between worlds has never been thinner.

If you long for healing and peace in this regard,


contact me: Tel. 0049 2161 182554 or larenata45@gmail.com

Experience that there is no death. 

Life is eternal


Reading Sample from my book





Here You will find a translated chapter from my book:

"Bewusstsein für die Liebe deines Lebens. Das große Erwachen." 

It which will be published in English quite soon.

It includes several examples for the wonderful healing processes,

that are happening with the method of HolyClearing. 

As a CoBest- Seller Author by Marie Diamond, her book includes a chapter about my work:

Global Conscious Entrepreneurs

As a member of the Meisterklasse UrTon Jahreskreis, by Simone Poot, in the last lession of the year, in Dez 20 2022 our teacher proposed a question to the group.


"If you were offered an opportunity by a publisher to bring your book or your plan into the world, into public, what will you do, because there is one obstacle, there is second applicant, you know very well, what are you going to do? What is your answer?"


Without any doubt my answer was: "If I would have this opportunity I knew immediately, that my answer would be: Yes I'll take this chance and sorry my friend, I am the right one to get this place.”


This happened on Dez 20. 2022. On Dezember 21 2022  I received an invitation from Marie Diamond in my emails, to be one of the 48 co-authors in her new upcoming book: Of course my answer was "Yes I want to be one of the Co Authors in Your book Global Conscious Entrepreneurs!"


This was the Law of attraction in action, wasn`t it???


The process who started in December 2022  after elaborate preparations from author Dame Marie Diamond herself and her extraordinary co author and publisher Lily Patrasacu and her team now are finished. The result appears in book form now on 21.3.2023: Global Conscious Entrepreneurs. It became an international Bestseller by Amazon the same day


And voila here we are: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B0BXNFGB85

If you're interested in my work and want to experience

the deeply touching power of HolyClearing,

please feel free to contact me by telephone or email:


Tel. 0049 2161 182554 or larenata45@gmail.com





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Di. 10.00-12.00 Uhr

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Mein Buch für die Neue Zeit,

das Dich und Deine Freundinnen stark macht:



für die Liebe deines Lebens.

Das große Erwachen


jetzt erhältlich in der 3. erweiterten Auflage


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